Sales killers: Putin will eliminate hundreds of fighters by the hands of the leaders of the «DND»

Igor Strelkov-Girkin, who is one of the former leaders of the so-called «DNR» made a sudden statement. He acknowledged that on the side of the «L/DNR» fight only contractors who are ready to kill even for money.

The corresponding statement he made in the air «ROI TV.» He noted that on Donbass there are no militias. The corresponding video was published by APU officer Anatoly (Stefan) Stirlitz on his page in Facebook.


Girkin said that among the militants have long brought together people who do not care about at all.

«They get money from «the Treasury of the Republic.» They are not «militia», there is no more «militia». The «militia» came to an end after Debaltsevo. It contractors, for the money they and their people, ready to shoot. This is not a «militia», I emphasize. The «militia» no more», – said the terrorist.

Grkn — Shooters…
Money does not receive from the Treasury of the «Republic»…
They are not «militia», there is no longer a «militia»..
It contractors, for the money they and their people are ready to shoot, there is a contingent…
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