Schoolgirl brutally stabbed the husband in front of mother

The corpse in the bag

It happened on Sunday, February 10.

Between them there was a conflict that ended in tragedy. About it told the press officer of Kremenchug city police Department Anne Vasenko, writes Poltica.


“At this time the whole family were assembled, and was in the kitchen. Between family members, according to neighbors, often had conflicts – they heard curses among them. Between the 35-year-old stepfather and his 15-year-old stepdaughter had a quarrel over money. The girl allegedly wanted to live in the “wide leg”, but adults couldn’t give what she wanted. as the last argument schoolgirl caught lying on the table a kitchen knife and stabbed the husband in the heart area. The wound proved fatal. before arrival “fast “ which caused the girl’s mother, the victim died,” he told police.

Law enforcement officers detained a juvenile killer on the exit door. She confessed to the crime.

Since criminal responsibility in our country comes from 14 years, future 8-12 years old girl can be held in isolation from society.


With her mother also working the investigation. The woman also had many questions.

We will remind as wrote Know.ia on Monday, February 11, became aware of the terrible murder of a minor girl’s own stepfather in the Poltava region.

The report said that in Kremenchuk, Poltava region in one of apartments of an apartment building on the street Vadim Pugachev 15-year-old girl was stabbed 35-year-old stepfather.

The portal previously Know.news Agency reported that the dinner on 9 February in the Odessa region there was a murder. The father killed his own daughter. The bloodshed happened at the intersection of Cathedral street and Suvorov, near the pump room. The victim 35 years old, her name was Hope Bukova. A father has caused her numerous injuries, which were not compatible with life – a woman died on the spot.

“The conflict between the deceased and his parents arose on the household soil, in the autumn of last year. There was a meeting in the area of the pump room are planned or coincidence, hard to say. Nadia came on the Renault Clio, which belongs to her husband. During the conversation, “daddy” – Yuri Mindov, who twice previously convicted, suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed daughter many times,” he told local residents.


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