Scientists dispelled the 5 biggest myths about the elderly in old age can all

People often say that old age — no joy, and many diseases have become directly associated with the pension age. But so scared to be older as it seems at first glance? Many of the common theories about the health of the elderly actually myths. Reports Clutch.

The first myth: old people always high blood pressure

High blood pressure is not a satellite of old age. At any age the figures above 130/80 is a serious reason to urgently see a doctor. According to doctors, high blood pressure may indicate atherosclerosis and other serious diseases, so do not write off the phenomenon of the age.

The second myth: the brain activity is reduced

This view is mistaken and strongly discriminare retirees in the eyes of society, exposing them almost Rozumovsky. History knows many examples when people were making great discoveries of the age. If a person throughout his life trained his brain and was involved in the intellectual activity in old age he will not have problems in this area.

The third myth: 10K steps

It is very common to hear the assertion that people in retirement should take place at least 10 thousand steps for the normal functioning of the body and maintain muscle tone. Really don’t get: the elderly people had enough to do 5-8 thousand steps. A large load may cause problems.

The fourth myth: you cannot exercise

The elderly is not recommended to exercise, but moderate exercise will do them good.

The fifth myth: reduced immunity

With age the immune system weakens, but elderly people have time to recover from the many viruses, so their resistance to disease is relatively high.

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