Secrets of Instagram that you do not know

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile photo apps that makes it easy for millions of users to download and share images taken with smartphones and tablets every day. Let’s talk about Instagram secrets.

If you think that you have not yet tried all the how to get followers on instagram, keep reading. Make Use Use users share these 7th useful stunts for Instagram with us.

Secrets of Instagram – use of social networking

For a long time, Instagram did not have a web version for users, and the service was only available on iOS devices. But then came Instagram for Android and the official version of Instagram. You can edit your profile to see who likes your photos and find photos of people you may know. And if you go to the Instagram home page, you can see all photos uploaded by Instagram users, as well as a search box that you can use to search for something special. The only thing that can not be done in a web version is to upload photos to your account.

Instagram Secrets – Using Widgets

Instagram does not provide official widgets for embedding on websites, but it can be used in some third-party programs. LightWidget is completely free and works well. But if you have a WordPress engine site, you can use any of the many different plugins available for embedding Instagram feeds, such as Instagram Feed.

Use of hashtag tools

Hashtags in Instagram are the foundation of a social network that helps people find their photos. What hashtags do you need and how do they do their job? Through Google you will find numerous lists of the most popular and popular hashtags, but there are other useful tools that allow you to quickly and easily add hashtags. One such program is the iOS Tagdock. Another interesting site is Websta. It provides you with a wealth of analytical tools for Instagram, including tags. Other sites are RiteTag, Iconosquare, Hashtags.org, Hashtagify.me, and Hashatit.com, but they require a paid subscription.

Get notified when your loved ones are posting videos

If you track many people on Instagram, you probably do not want to be bothered by an incoming message that someone has posted another photo. But maybe you want to know when your loved ones are posting something else? Go to the user profile, and then click on one of the photos of him. Click on three dots in the lower right corner of the photo and select “Turn on post notifications” from the menu that appears. Repeat this for anyone from whom you want to receive messages.

Use Instagram as a photo editor

Did you know that you can use Instagram to edit photos without downloading online? Enable the “Save Original Photo” feature in your Instagram account. After that, put the phone in flight mode.

Download the photo in the Instagram application and make the changes you want, then click the “Share” button. Since the phone is in flight mode and there is no internet connection, you will receive an error message. But if you look at the photo in the gallery on your phone, you will find that your photo has been edited there. Just remember to remove it from the Instagram app before turning on the internet connection again.

Send a photo to a specific friend

When you post photos to Instagram, share these photos with everyone. If you want, you can only share them with individual users or groups. Download and install the photo as usual. These Secrets of Instagram are not known to everyone. When you reach the Share page, you’ll see two options at the top. This is what you need, it’s “Direct”. When you click on it, you will see a list of your followers. Mark those with whom you want to share a photo and then click on the green OK button.

Block user in Instagram

If you want to block someone in Instagram, go to his profile by clicking on his name. In the upper right corner you will see a dot with three dots. Click on it and in the menu select “Block User”. You will be prompted to block the user, if you are sure of it, select “Yes, I’m sure”. When you block someone, Instagram can inform you of it at your discretion.


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