See if you are at risk: named the most popular profession that cause cancer

Neurosurgeon, oncologist Anton Shkiryak reported that most cancer threatens the representatives of five professions — pilots and cabin crew, masters of manicure and a pedicure, farmers, and office workers.

Office work can usually be a serious risk factor of development in the body of malignant tumors, reports the observer.

According to him, the pilots and flight attendants frequently occurring skin cancer.

“…is unknown, which is the main reason, but there is a suspicion that at high altitudes they ultraviolet radiation is affected more than the average person” said the source.

The doctor added that manicure and pedicure during work consume the vapours of various chemicals, so the members of the profession appear to a brain tumor and lung cancer.

“Farmers are herbicides, pesticides, in General, modern agriculture uses a lot of harmful. You know which tractors in Ukraine and fuel what quality they made. That is, even exhaust gases”, – said the oncologist.

The neurosurgeon said that according to an American study, women engaged in agricultural work in the fields, a 35% higher risk of breast cancer.

“And office workers: we have to understand that office work is sedentary. Physical activity — zero, concentration, stress, the solution is very complex task for a short period… Stress factors impair the heart rate…” said the expert.

“…it may be more likely tachycardia, raised blood pressure, worsening sleep. So usually office work can be a risk factor,” said the doctor.

Earlier it was reported that British scientists have proposed a unified method of diagnosis and removal of tumors in the lungs.

According to the researchers, the Royal public clinical hospital, the new technology will allow you to destroy hard-to-reach malignant tumors in 30 minutes.

Recall that radiation from smartphones provokes development of oncological diseases of the heart, brain and adrenal glands.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia” the British scientists have given new hope to people with aggressive type of breast cancer.

“Know.Eeyore” wrote that the bigger the brain, the higher the probability of the development of his malignant tumor is a glioma.


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