Sex in a plane and form “dead”: a flight attendant has revealed dirty details of flights

Flight attendant with 8 years of experience told me about all the pitfalls of the profession. The woman became a flight attendant at age 22, when she had no family, no Pets. After her release, she decided to tell about some secrets.

Form with “killed”

Earlier in the flight attendants were selected very strictly on appearance. Must be a narrow waist, straight teeth, and the weight should not exceed the norm. However, at the moment the industry’s huge turnover and take all.

New can issue the form with “killed”, i.e., who resigned. This form wears the interns, because they new no one sews.

Flight attendants – not a servant

Stewardess service on Board. They can bring water and hang your coat in the closet, however, are not required to throw away dirty diapers, to supervise children passengers and carry their bags.

In the toilet having sex

Sex in the airplane toilet – more myth than reality. The stewardess admitted that once they tried to change and felt like a whale – very uncomfortable. However, she didn’t catch them.

The toilet often smoke. Often without shame and not knowing the rules of safety on Board.

Fines of flight attendants

The penalty system is not as such. For serious misconduct may be demoted from the senior cabin crew to the rank and file. Sometimes shooting from an interesting and profitable international flights with a good daily.

Pay consists of salary and per diem, plus allowances for night flights, holidays and knowledge of foreign languages. The duration of the flight itself the salary is not affected.

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