Smartphones monitor workers step: the shocking figures

Became known, how many in Poland were Ukrainians in January. The number of workers estimated using smartphones. So, in a neighboring country is now home to 1.27 million citizens of Ukraine. This was reported by the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.

At the same time, the actual number of citizens of Ukraine who live in Poland, remains a mystery. The thing is that precise data do not exist both in the government and social insurance Office (ZUS). Complete information on the number of Ukrainians in Poland do not give any data on issued visas nor the number of issued work permits or permanent residence, nor insurance premiums.

However, the most reliable source of information were smartphones, which use Ukrainian. The company Selectivv, which studies the habits and behavior of the owners of the phones, had the opportunity to determine that.

To make sure that the phone probably belongs to the Ukrainian, it is enough to know that the card belongs to one of the Polish operators, the device is configured in Ukrainian or Russian language and annually connects to Ukrainian mobile networks.

As it turned out, people who meet the above criteria, in January in Poland was 1.27 million it is Noted that in 2018, their number amounted to more than 830 thousand.

The data, which has Selectivv, anonymous. The company knows how many Ukrainians in Poland are planning a pregnancy or already expecting a child. It can be found through the planning programmes of the pregnancy.

Recall that the Union of entrepreneurs and employers suggested that the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland to abolish the requirement of knowledge of the Polish language at the time of application on card of the pole. Thus the Union wants to simplify the return of the native, for example, Brazilians of Polish descent.

As reported by the portal Snaige Ukrainian government proposes to encourage employers who create new jobs not only for narrow specialists.

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that one of the countries where many people want to visit Austria. No one is associating it with a distant country, so Ukrainians decided to go to work there.


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