Special forces puts students on your knees and poison gas: hard punishment for the protests overtook even teenagers

Students staged a protest outside the school in the city of Mantes-La-jolie West of Paris, which ended with clashes with police and more than 140 arrests.

They were in full fury from the plans to reform the examination system, which, according to them, will limit opportunities and generate inequalities.

The protests of the Yellow jackets

Demonstrations are held on the background of how France is preparing for new protests “yellow jackets.”

According to police, they suspect the arrested students of the school Saint-Exupery in participating in an armed gathering”. They also add that he decided to stop the situation “getting out of control,” according to the newspaper Le Monde.

D’autres images de l interpellation de dizaines de lycéens, aujourd’hui à Mantes-la-Jolie. pic.twitter.com/ghv8K91e7l

— Violences Policières (@Obs_Violences) December 6, 2018

Frederick’s Role in the French educational Union SNES-FSU said that her staff were “unbearable,” according to French radio station Europe 1.

The head of Oxfam France, Sicily Duflot, wrote on Twitter that her footage from the school Mantes-La-Jolie was “simply unacceptable”.

Ms. Duflot also issued a report, which was prepared by former French students who participated in the protests in the 1960-ies.

In it they say that the actions that authorities have taken in response to recent protests was disproportionate.”

“We blocked our high school, we took the streets”, the report says, “But none of us ever took into custody … we are not responsevalue gas near our schools.”

Schoolboy Louis Bunzero says he came to protest because the young people “no one listens”.

“We have neglected [the macron and his government] … we do have the impression that they’re coming back,” says the student.

Another student Lena, Alloys notes that reform “will kill vocational schools”, adding that it is also against increasing the fees for foreign students “because it will be a disaster.”

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