Stuff, amulets, and paintings: these things scare away the fortune from the signs of the Zodiac

Astrologers are convinced that some things, even if they seem completely harmless, unable to deny luck is a sign of the Zodiac. Each of them are individual.

Aries brings bad luck “dead things”. It can be dried flowers, stuffed animals, or the horns of animals. All of this brings necrotic energy, which is dangerous for the energetic Aries.

Bulls pulls down the old stuff. It can be all that you keep over the years: old furniture, Antiques, clothing, Souvenirs. Get rid of all the excess and become freer.

The twins should not keep someone else’s amulets and talismans. Astrologers recommend the Twins don’t pick up questionable findings with caution and to accept gifts from strangers.

Cancers burden the stuff in difficult and challenging times. Cancer is the most emotional sign of the Zodiac, so things that were purchased in moments of peak emotional (depression, apathy, bad mood, anxiety) can be a source of negativity

The lions should not store the possessions of the deceased. Such things destroy energy, so they should be kept out of your home or office.

Virgins should get rid of broken things. It can be chipped on the dishes, on the phone screen and so on. They interfere with the flow of positive energy, than drive Maidens in stress or (worse) depression.

Weights should not save something that provokes negative emotions. If the Weights still kept things that bring negativity all the energy and strength leave them.

Scorpios should be discarded belongings and photos with ex-partners. Scorpions — sensitive representatives of the zodiacal circle, so they can be in serious trouble when they stumble upon objects connected with former lovers.

Sagittarius smiled only when they are in constant motion. To their luck, a devastating lack of activity. If their life is a lot of work and a little adventure, luck will never find way for them.

Capricorns cannot store odd things. Fortune favors the Sign in that case, if his house or workplace of harmony and purity.

Aquarius it’s time to throw out gifts that don’t come to the shower. They need positive emotions and such things for them bear only unhappiness and leave a residue.

The fish should get rid of paintings and images that are negative to the eye. Similar items to art making representatives of Fish vulnerable to external negative effects and also scare away the luck.

Recall that the astrologers called the three most vile sign of the Zodiac.

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