Suprun dumped the whole truth about the cost of treatment after the New year: Ukrainians in panic

The information that from 1 January 2019 the family doctors will be paid, if not signed Declaration is false.

This was stated by the VA. the Minister of health Suprun.

The essence of such ads in some of the clinics to the people quickly chose my doctor because “next year all will be paid”.

“This is a bad awareness of management of medical institutions on changes or one of the really bad forms of competition for the patient”. Ulyana Suprun

According to the VA. the Minister of health, all public medical institutions until June 2019 receive payment for those patients who have not signed the Declaration, but live in the service area.

This means that the Ukrainians with the New year come to the surgery without the Declaration and to receive free medical care. In other words – nothing will change.

Suprun stressed that the Ukrainians have enough time to choose a specialist, so don’t immediately run to sign the Declaration where it is not planned.

We will remind, it is difficult to find a Ukrainian family who would not love red meat. Few people realize how many health risks are fraught with burgers and chops and sausages – is generally a separate topic. This information was reported on his page in Facebook VA. Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun.

She said that red meat will include primarily pork, beef and lamb, and a bird in the list is not included. Also red meat contains sausage, smoked products, sausages, or hot dogs.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that famous Ukrainians with their irrelevant and inappropriate advice blogerati health Suprun again. Now she began to advertise a mobile app, which is the so-called HIV-test “100% of life”.

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