Sweets are not always disgusting: this product will save your liver

Sweet tooth around the world have become accustomed to that use in their favorite foods quite a bit. However, scientists are anxious to please them and to suggest more to add to your diet maple syrup.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo conducted an experiment with rats, which found that maple syrup can benefit the liver. And all because of the special substances in the composition.

The test group of rodents in the diet have replaced some of their usual carbohydrates in maple syrup. Another control group received a simple sweet syrup.

As a result of the experiment revealed that rats who ate real maple syrup, found symptoms associated with a significant improvement in the liver compared with the control group.

So, maple syrup can be beneficial for middle-aged people who suffer from excess weight. This group is most likely a problem with the liver.

Problem with an important body resulting from a concentration of blood lipids, diabetes or loss of normal insulin sensitivity.

Earlier it was reported that Uzbekistan, which is the largest consumer of sugar from Ukraine suspended imports, as Ukraine has imposed a ban on the reception and customs clearance of the Ukrainian goods, which led to non-implementation of previously concluded treaties and loss of market, reported the press service of the National Association of sugar producers of Ukraine (NASU) “Ukrtsukor”.

Recall that many Ukrainians “eat up” every month. According to nutritionists, fruits and vegetables Ukrainians do not eat enough.

As reported Know. EN, popular product new year’s table will be weight of gold. Before the New year pounds popular vegetables will be inaccessible to most Ukrainians.

Know. EN wrote, as the Ukrainians are cheating on sweets. Explain how to act in such a situation.


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