Temperatures down to -30: the arrival of spring delayed, winter works in the old style


Ukrasa advised to prepare for this winter. Soon in Ukraine will be substantially colder and the forecast of new snowfall. Also soon to udarati extreme cold, sometimes the temperature drops to -25 and Ulytau in 30.

About it said the national forecaster Leonid Gorban, reports “Narodnaya Pravda”.

According to the specialist, in late January of a possible thaw, and the temperature will rise to around +2 degrees Celsius. However this relief will not last long. February in Ukraine will be truly fierce.

In mid-January the weather will be changeable in all regions of the country.

“But since January 15, we come to a true winter: the temperature sharply decreases to-15-25 degrees below zero. Cold weather, which will from time to time be accompanied by snow, will last almost until the end of January. A slight thaw is expected in the last days of the month, but the snow is completely melted,” – said Gorban.

The forecaster added that already in the first days of the last month of winter and up to 20 numbers should be prepared for fierce frost – sometimes the thermometer will fall to -25-30 degrees. Slight warming, and a thaw will come to Ukraine only after February 25.

“But it will last thaw a couple of days, and in its place will come back cold. Such frosts will persist even in the first week of March, when expected to-7-14 degrees of a frost. In General, winter is shifting as the weather works more in the old style, not new, how we live,” he concluded.


Recall that winter has decided to give Ukrainians pause. Before Baptism the weather will be quite comfortable.

As reported by the portal Know.ia in China opened the ice city. It has called winter a “Disneyland”.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that fashionistas reminded of the need to wear a winter hat and pokazli, what hairstyles don’t go bad in hats.


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