Tesla limited the ability of electric cars to the Europeans

Tesla Car

European customers Tesla finally waited in the wings and the first Model 3 has already received to its owners. But here’s the thing, the autopilot in this model is not approved in Europe, respectively, to use it as of yet. It is worth noting that the autopilot in the Tesla cars is the highlight of a car which complements all the other innovations of the vehicle.

Why do regulatory agencies not approved if the system works almost the same as in Model S and Model X?

The thing is that the autopilot Model 3 Americans used some other equipment that is not officially tested and is not registered in Europe. However, it is only a matter of time. Tesla owners are not deceived, but only restricted some opportunities for an indefinite period.

Nevertheless, the Europeans should not worry. As it became known, the regulator has already conducted testing of the system and receipt of the relevant document, allowing only a matter of time.

Recall that the digital music service Spotify is planning to block the accounts of millions of users. Apparently, the company does not want users turned on the ad blocker. So, this service involves advertising to users of the free version. It is worth noting that these users are more than million.

Before Snaige reported that Xiaomi company has patented an unusual display that has no cuts or holes in the display. Instead, the two frontal cameras will be placed at the corners of the upper part of the display, and they will look unnoticed.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the Sony PlayStation 5 again surprised users. It is reported that the new console generation is able to work with projects that were created in previous generations of consoles. This means that the Sony PlayStation 4 can safely throw it out the window.


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