The angel saved a man’s life: it’s not fiction, the camera got it all

There are countless stories about guardian angels who have saved people from certain death by alerting them sometimes for a few minutes before the crash. The problem is that in addition to messages from happily saved, as a rule, no evidence of these cases does not exist.

However, this case can be considered unique, because the angel who saved her husband got on the security camera.

So, the other day, presumably on March 11, in Turkey the camera has got an incredible moment in which the stranger had told the man about the dangers looming in just a few seconds before the event. And only because of this warning the husband escaped a terrible fate.

This video quickly spread beslow global sites and thousands of people commented on it, calling the stranger in the black Angola-guard or a time traveler.

Story happened to 40-year-old trader Serdar BNC, in Adana. The man was preparing to close the shop for the night, he stood with his back to the road, when suddenly someone coming up to him, patted his hand on the shoulder and calmly walked away.

Feeling the touch to his, Serdar sharply turned and the moment passed him a small white truck, from the rear of which suddenly withdrew a long steel item. Due to the fact that he noticed her, Serdar had to Dodge the thing, and remained unhurt.

Only a miracle in the face of a stranger saved his life. But how this man could know what would happen?

The stranger obviously could not see the truck approaching from behind, as he never turned around, yet was present in the video.

It also could be the sign of Serdar, who patted him on the shoulder to say Hello or to talk, or he would not have passed on, not even waiting until the man turns to him.

Serdar tried to find that stranger, but on the street it was not and nobody saw this man, he just disappeared. The man is sure, he saved the life of his guardian angel and another to explain it is impossible.

If the stranger tapped him on the shoulder, Serdar 100% went to this metal part on the head and he would have gotten injured or he would be killed on the spot.

Camera the video recorded on the side of the road is a dark male figure

Later Serdar came the driver of the truck and apologized for the loose part.

We will remind, in the Chinese district Weichen, Shanxi province, occurred a touching and impressive case. A devotee of the Golden Retriever saved his master from death.

As reported by the portal «Know.ia», 65-year-old Yuri Fedak from the village of Kalnik Mukachevo district died 96 times.

Also «Know.Eeyore» wrote 4-year-old daughter rescued a paralyzed father after escaping the mother. The story touched to tears.


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