The ban is an empty sound: what Russian TV series are still popular among the Ukrainian audience

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At the beginning of the coming year in Ukraine under the ban of the state was hit by a number of Russian TV series. This time the list of prohibited were three products taken in 2011-2014, some of them Russian-Ukrainian: “Find me if you can”, “Lawyer” and “the passion of CAPM”.

Last year the permission to rent in Ukraine received only three Russian films – “Dislike” Zvyagintsev, “Summer” Serebrennikov and “the heart of the world” Masarikova.

However, none of them made the list of interests of the Ukrainian spectators. At the same time on the top search strings in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet are “naprokat” – or simply denied – the Russian series. This is evidenced by statistics of Google Trends to 2018 – reports “Country.”

In the top ten of the series whose names most frequently appear in a search engine, seven Russian, two Ukrainian and one American production.

So, what TV shows most googled person of the Ukrainians:


Last year’s TOP queries on the Russian TV series headed action and detective “C” (third season). According to media reports, there is information that is preparing the fourth season of “Major”, over which runs the famous Russian producer and presenter Alexander Tsekalo.

The plot revolves around the son of the oligarch, whom the father sent for reeducation to the police. While there, he will have to face many intricate stories to go the way of the powerful. Fights, car chases, shooting and love story – that’s what most attracts the viewer’s attention.

The reason for the ban of “Posh” in Ukraine prosaic – the series tells the story of Russian cops often in a positive way. Apparently using this Ukrainian censorship is not missed.

“Police with the ruble”

Another popular Russian product among our viewers. It is the fourth season of which actively googled in the past year. The plot of the police officers comes to major Gregory, who protects order in the elite district of Moscow. Detective stories in the sitcom are infused with love and Comedy, the characters get into absurd situations and often joke “below the belt”.

New year’s eve, he released the feature film.

“House arrest”

In the Ukrainian top ten Google searches of the most popular series in 2018 – Seeds Slepakova “house arrest”. Last year was a first season of 12 episodes. The plot of the mayor-the bribe taker is grounded in a communal apartment, where it is spelled out (the estate took a wife who decided to leave after the scandal). There he meets an old friend, who decides to make the new mayor.

In the series show Russian corruption, in particular her caustically ridiculed. Why the product came under Zamorano, official response yet.

“Ivanov Ivanov”

The top ten most popular hit series “Ivanov Ivanov.” The plot revolves around two families-the namesakes of the most popular presidem in Russia who live in Voronezh. Families with different incomes. 16 years later they find out that their children are in the hospital mixed up and now their lives are connected, especially in poor Ivanov house burned down and they moved under one roof to the rich. The storyline is somewhat intertwined with the well-known Ukrainian Vladimir Zelensky series “Matchmakers”.

The team

The last season of the Russian series about a youth hockey team “Bears”. The second part came out after the new year. The film is set in a small town, where he arrived the coach – former National hockey League player, set the task to make the team United.

In the series themselves played such hockey stars as Viacheslav Fetisov, Alexei Morozov, Nikita Gusev, Ilya Kovalchuk.

“Grand Lyon”

This Russian Comedy series was a continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian sitcom “the Hotel Eleon” in one of a series which appeared Olga Freimut. In the Story comical and not very situations that happened in a five star hotel Grand Lion. The plot yesterday an ambitious student who dreams to conquer the capital and to open their own hotel. But life pansit surprises and often negates all the efforts.

The start of the second season is planned for early in this year.

Ukrainian series

Meaningful competition for the popularity of Russian TV series in the past year, Google has made only two Ukrainian products. One of them is the series “School”.

In the centre is the relationship between the students, their parents, teachers, intrigue, love.

In the spring of 2019, the audience waiting for the release of the second season.

Two mothers

Another Ukrainian TV show, which was in the top ten queries in Google – “Two mothers”, also featured on 1+1. It is an adaptation of the Korean format of “Two mothers. The cuckoo’s nest”. The key characters played Ukrainian stars Olga Sumskaya and Irma Vitovskaya.

The release of the second season should be expected in may 2019.


The only foreign series in the top ten interests of our citizens was an American action-drama about teenagers “Riverdale”. The characters are faced with murders and dark secrets seemingly safe town.

Today we have three seasons of the series.

Recall that iconic game Mortal Kombat 11 at the world premiere of the game showed five trailers fighting game.

As reported previously Know.ia Ukrainians responded to the rumors concerning the rumors about the organization of political actions and demonstrations from the team of Ukrainian comedian and producer Vladimir Zelensky.

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