The biathlon world Cup: victory experienced Makarainen and bright race Ukrainka Pidhrushna

In Slovenian Pokljuka ended the women’s sprint in the first stage of the world Cup. Ukrainka Yulia Jim, who won Thursday’s individual race, came out at the start of the sprint in the yellow Jersey of the world Cup, but failed to retain first place in the overall standings despite perfect shooting.

Winning the race was won by the winner of the Big crystal globe at the end of last season Finland’s Kaisa Makarainen.

Will anyone be able to dethrone @kmakarainen? With the fastest course time and 0+0, the @BiathlonFI star is leading @Fisiofficial”s Dorothea Wierer in the finish, who has the fastest shooting time. #POK18

Follow the women’s sprint on https://t.co/QRS9ExvX32 pic.twitter.com/97yzaEojjF

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 8, 2018

Italy’s Dorothea Wierer took second place, although was in the lead during the race. But the Italian biathlete enough and this result in order to lead the overall world Cup standings, she was 7th in the individual race. Third time at the finish showed the Frenchwoman Justine Breza.

Your Top 3 of the women’s sprint in @BiatlonPokljuka 🎉

🥇🇫🇮 @kmakarainen – @BiathlonFI (0+0)
🥈🇮🇹 Dorothea Wierer – @Fisiofficial (0+0)
🥉🇫🇷 Justine Braisaz – @FedFranceSki (0+0)

Join us for the medal ceremony on https://t.co/QRS9ExvX32 #POK18 pic.twitter.com/rNPnGigyiy

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 8, 2018

It was prone agony in the Individual but today @kmakarainen was at her very best 🚀 – not even two rapid-fire series from Dorothea Wierer could stop her. 🎯 @BiatlonPokljuka

Join us now for the medal and flower ceremony on https://t.co/QRS9ExvX32 #POK18 pic.twitter.com/K9YVOZQLYW

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 8, 2018

The best of Ukrainians became the team captain Olena Pidhrushna, which took seventh place with clean shooting. Yulia Jim and Valya Semerenko also shut down all 10 targets, but showed the 20th and 25th time respectively. Anastasiya Merkushyna became the 46th, Julia Zhuravok showed the 85th time. Note that ternopolska Merkushina qualified for tomorrow’s pursuit race at the first stage of the world Cup.

Triumph Yulia Jima

In Slovenian Pokljuka hosted the first personal female race of the 2018/19 season in the biathlon world Cup. 28-year-old Ukrainian Julia Jim, which started in the last group, won the individual race with perfect shooting and good running.

Jim was one of the few athletes who managed to close down all 20 targets in the race. After 4-th shooting Julia came out the leader with a confident lead of 15 seconds from Polk Monika Hojnisz, who trains under the guidance of Ukrainka Hope Belova. But for 1.3 miles to the finish from Jim was only two seconds advantage in that Joines catch up. However, the remaining part of the race Jim was great, being able even slightly to increase the gap from Joines!

Dzhima was in the first for the individual globe last year and it looks like she’s fighting for the win again today #POK18 pic.twitter.com/bNjZRZwjZ3

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 6, 2018

It’s a first time for win Yuliya Dzhima! 🥇 #POK18 pic.twitter.com/rJ0GHaxUDu

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 6, 2018

What a performance by Yuliia Dzhima of Ukraine! 20/20 and that will be the first World Cup victory for the 28 year old. #POK18

Follow the 15km live on https://t.co/Z1cUg2llYh pic.twitter.com/f2DSEKCow0

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 6, 2018

Join us now for the Flower and medal ceremony of this exciting 15km in the women’s field with a lot of unexpected names at the top.

You can rewatch the entire women’s Individual live on https://t.co/Z1cUg2llYh #POK18 pic.twitter.com/bXqYdplhls

— IBU World Cup (@IBU_WC) December 6, 2018

In the result, Jim became the first Joines the second, and bronze went to the Czech Market Davydova.

For Ukrainian women it is the first gold medal at the world Cup. Jim previously won only in the relays for the national team of Ukraine.

Other Ukrainian women are also pleased to Pokljuka. Olena Pidhrushna, Anastasiya Merkushyna and Zhuravok Yuliya entered the top 20. But Vita Semerenko finished 41st.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainian biathlete wiped his nose with the Russians and took the lead in the Nations Cup.


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