The bills will not rise: to rejoice or cry, the pitfalls of regulations

Electricity rates will not increase – the decision was suddenly cancelled by the National Commission, but it has introduced. This body, which is a regulator in the field of energy and utilities (NTRAK), 11 January 2019 suddenly “took back its decision of 21 December 2018 No. 2010. What is in store for Ukrainians and is it really all so rosy? Versed edition Politeka.

As it became known, the abolition of the lower rate for light in the common areas to the level of the rate distributed for apartments. As reported in this document affect the interests of the legal entities and the population in General.

However, it should be noted that receipt with the “new” calculations have already started to come in condominiums. These receipts were paid irregularly, expecting such decision from NTRAK. However have already received payment for the new calculations. About where to get the money “in abundance,” said coordinator of the NGO “Expert platform for energy efficiency” Igor Cherkashin.

“There is a procedure of recalculation. Most likely, the overpayment will be credited against future periods. Those who have not paid for must apply for a new account after the entry into force of this act the regulator,”- commented on the situation I rates the expert.

Following the decision of the national Commission is overpriced by half, tariffs, electricity for the common areas will be considered as “population”, according to the standard UAH 1.68/kWh.

It is also worth to emphasize that the abolition of the new tariff and equating prices to the “room” of electricity will take effect only after official publication of this decision.

It is worth noting that such a “rollback” which emerged after the fact distribution of receipts raises a number of questions.

“It is unclear — will the multi-tariff metering and time-based accounting for the user. With multi-account is more complicated — it was cancelled by another document, not viewing. And a lot was made of the calculations, as in lighting and heating with hot water in buildings. At the rate condominiums equated to the population. Here everything is clear. But the use of multi-tariff metering, I do not understand. In another order, the regulator States that the tariff can only be used by natural persons and all legal entities (condominiums) are in the market to buy,” — shared his opinion Igor Cherkashin.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukrainians gave the utility tariffs in hell: the amounts in the payment beat all records.

As reported Know. EN, Ukrainians shut off the gas for almost a week: dates and addresses already on the network. For four days the town will hold without gas.

Know. EN wrote that utility loop tightens the neck of the Ukrainians: the new tariffs for heat and gas surprised even the pessimists. Now residents of the capital will pay for the hot water to 97.89 hryvnia.


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