The carnage in the mosque of New Zealand: the killer was a fan of Putin

Has information about the man who staged a bloody attack at a mosque in New Zealand.

It is reported Рoliteka.

According to police, they found 28-year-old Aussie Brenton Tarrant. Together with accomplices he staged the mass shooting in the mosques of al-Nur and Linwood in Christchurch.

Police revealed details of the bloody attacks — the armed men entered the mosque at about 13:45 local time immediately after a day of prayer and blocked the front door.

Witnesses reported that at the time of capture in the mosques remained about 200 and 300 people. According to media reports, killed 40 people, and about 30 taken to hospital.

On the head of the attacker was a camera, with which he broadcast to the network what is going on.
Before the attack, the terrorist turned to the audience with the phrase “Remember guys subscribe to Pupa”.

The world’s most popular youtuber, recently it came to Elon Musk. He was constantly accused of racism, anti-Semitism and so on. Puds, in turn, strongly denies.

On the eve of Twitter Brenton outlined the Manifesto of the 73-page Manifesto like Breivik before his attack. Inside, quotes from the Bible of neo-Nazism, 1488. It also contains a call to murder German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Crucial event after which Brenton decided to kill innocent people, he calls the terrorist attack in Stockholm in 2017, which killed five locals.

Separately, he selects 11-year-old victim – Ebbu, Ackerlund. He says, that we will avenge her.

On cones for machine Brenton wrote the dates of key moments for the development of European civilization.» Among them – the battle of Kalule, the Russo-Turkish war of 1770.

At the moment we know that the police had detained four people. Who, exactly, is not specified.

The number of victims increased to 49 people, according to police.

We will remind, on Friday,March 15, the peace was disturbed by the news of the shooting of believers in mosques in New Zealand.

As reported previously Know.ia in the middle of Japan there was a terrorist attack — a driver deliberately ran into a crowd of people in the first minute of the new year.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that unidentified attackers fired the second and third floors of Goloseevsky district court of Kiev.


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