The consultant Zelensky revealed all the secrets: what are the chances, who is sponsoring, how to build the electoral program

Around the future of the presidency comedian Vladimir Zelensky rises by the day more and more noise. People are tired of “traditional” politicians and their endless promises – this explains the crazy increase in ratings Zelensky, whom evil tongues have already dubbed “a clown”. Judging by the reaction on the Zelensky decision to run his opponents, and from which data provide the poll, of the independent candidate has a chance to sit in the presidential chair. About who helps the leader of the quarter-95 on the easy political path, and as a comedian is to develop his electoral program, the RBC-Ukraine was told by the consultant Zelensky.

Zelensky “move” Poroshenko?

Zelensky was included into three leaders of electoral sympathies of Ukrainians. According to the research group “Rating”, and the survey, which was attended by 40 000 Ukrainians, Zelensky there is a real opportunity to pass to the second round.

According to these polls, Yulia Tymoshenko in the first round can get 20.8 percent of the votes of those who are undecided and will go to the polls, Zelensky – 13,4%, Poroshenko was 11.1%.

On the side Zelensky mostly young people aged 18 to 30 years. More than 40% fans. Most newly minted policy support in cities with a population from 20 to 100 000 people and villages in the South and East of the country, adds the source. “But if Zelensky is released in the second Satur, I do not exclude that the fate of the election will decide that in Western Ukraine”, – said the source.

Who is sponsoring

Zelensky is not stated who was his political ally and who is sponsoring his presidency. However, the mass media claim that Zelensky is sponsoring the former owner of the nationalized PrivatBank Igor Kolomoisky. In the second version, less replicable, another “shareholder” Zelensky campaign for the presidency – businessman Pavel Fuks, third – Valery Khoroshkovsky, who previously was co-owner of TV channel “inter”.

Closer to the people and the help of social networks

Zelensky builds a team of people, social networking is a modern democratic move, which is now used in more than 20 countries. “Captivating” people Zelensky that asks for help to make the election program, writing five major problems of Ukraine.

For several days the users of social networks have put forward hundreds of proposals, including such original, as the abolition of all taxes or the execution of members of Parliament and government.

“Zelensky has its own vision of the programme, which is 95% the same as the thesis, voiced in an interview Dmitry Gordon”, – said one of the sources in the headquarters. In particular, it is the achievement of peace in the Donbas through direct negotiations with Moscow and Putin personally, and banning oligarchs to interfere in the editorial policy of the media that they own, and the revision of IMF cooperation.

It is reported that the campaign Zelensky will be built on the opposition between “elite” and “people.” Zelensky says to voters “I’m the same as you, one of you.” And according to the expectations of the political experts and strategists Zelensky, this will work.

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