The cult series GTA will appear on the Android and iOS smartphones

About five years ago, game Studio Rockstar Games started porting their old video games for smartphones and tablets using the operating systems Android and iOS. This brought a very large fruit, well multi-million dollar profits of the company. Now there are rumors that Grand Theft Auto IV will appear on mobile smartphones Android and iOS.

When this game came out, pull it on maximum graphics settings for a number of reasons could have only a few computers, but with time the situation has changed radically. Now the game can start calm and smartphones, because most modern devices have about 4 GB of RAM, which is more than enough given the small screen of a smartphone, when compared with computer or laptop.

However, soon, it’s guaranteed to happen because to stop production for smartphones and tablets such stunning video games like GTA IV, the Studio definitely would not. Modern portable electronic devices may pull.

There is every reason to believe that download Grand Theft Auto IV for Android and iOS gamers will have in 2019 is likely in the second half of the year. It is possible that it will be paid, but mobile games often don’t cost a lot of money.

Recall that everyone knows that winter is your favorite iPhone off or discharge is easy on the eyes. Moreover, this issue concerns not only the old iPhone, GL and top-end flagships from Apple Corporation. However, there are several simple ways how to avoid it. For example, should wear the device in your pocket, or do not remove the device from the pocket of his jacket. Thus, the device can not be supercooled, being protected from exposure to the cold.

Before Snaige reported that Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi blatantly lied to the fans. It is reported that the Chinese company has introduced the Redmi Note 7, camera which is 48-megapixels. However, as it turned out, this camera does not have as many megapixels, which suggests that the company lied to the fans. It is reported that the device received only 12 MP instead of 48.

Know.Eeyore wrote that the company Xiaomi presented its new console for the TV. The device is able to give any TV brains. The cost of the Mi Box 4 SE is only 28 dollars, which can not but rejoice. Among other things, the device will receive the voice control capability.


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