The end of Putin: published devastating footage of special operations of the Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbass

In early February the Ukrainian military in the Donbass in the area of the OOS ladysmile two successful special operations. It is known that Ukrainian soldiers destroyed militants BMP and eliminated two of Putin’s mercenaries.

More about this said the journalist Yury Butusov, stressing that “Russian troops can and should beat.” According to Butusova, the command OOS encourages successful actions of fighters of VSU departmental awards. About it reports “observer”.

So, on February 8 in the “gray area” under the Gorlovka Russian BMP destroyed fighters of nazvanie “Azov” in the 30th brigade APU. He noted that this area under the terms of the Minsk agreements should be controlled by the Ukrainian troops, but there was seen the occupants.

“Residents of Azov” decided to destroy the enemy “economically”, without using expensive guided missiles. For this purpose they secretly moved and installed in the grey area with two grenade launchers SPG-9M on the “closed” position, meaning the grenade was not beaten direct fire, and were installed in the ravine, their enemy could not observe. Adjustment of fire stesnyaemsya by a drone. In 14.55 opened fire, the two made calculations carried out a total of 8 rounds. After a direct hit on a BMP on fire, which means that the target is destroyed,” — said Butusov.

The journalist also revealed details of fighting 3 Feb, gone on the same direction near the village of zaytsevo, where occupants similarly violated the Minsk agreement.

“In the melee, our fighter has killed one mercenary, the Russians had got the body out, as a result, our machine gunner cut off the second mercenary. Our no casualties. The corpse of the soldier by the Russians threw, but he did not come”, — he wrote, confirming his words with the appropriate pictures.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Russian Federation has decided to convene a meeting of the UN security Council on the situation in Ukraine. About this informed the press-Secretary of the Permanent mission of Ukraine to the UN Oleg Nikolenko.

Recall that the “DPR” is not going to restore the city.

As reported Know.ia day in the Donbas Ukrainians destroyed the nest Putin’s parasites.

Know.Eeyore wrote, the Ukrainian soldiers showed the invaders what’s what: suppressed losses.


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