The fare will rise by 24%, gas 18% and paid medical services: financial innovations 2019 painted by months

In 2019, the state budget has included many changes, including not joyful for Ukrainians. so, spring for gas pay more tariffs for the relationship to grow and travel in trains not affordable for everyone.

What else will rise in 2019, the experts showed months.


Electricity bills will be divided into two parts: a subscription fee and account for the electricity consumed. In the framework of the reform of the electricity market, power companies are liquidated, instead of them services to consumers will provide the company-electricity suppliers and operators of distribution systems. To conclude new contracts not specifically necessary. Consumers are automatically transferred to the new system after payment of the first of this year’s electricity bills.

From 1 January I started the recalculation of pensions for military personnel and retirees over the age of 65 years or who have extensive work experience: 35 years for men and 30 years for women.

Updated pension will receive around two million citizens.

At the beginning of the year started on the monetization of subsidies.

Anyone who will for the first time to apply for a grant or execute documents for benefits in the departments of social protection of the population, will automatically become participants of the program of monetization of benefits and subsidies. The money will be transferred to a special account in the “Oshchadbank”, which citizens need to access in advance.

Results for the heating season, all saved on the subsidy money the Ukrainians will be able to withdraw from the accounts and spend for any other purpose.

Also in Ukraine increased by “minimal” almost five hundred hryvnia – UAH 4173.


From February 7 to put into effect the law “On currency and currency transactions”. Ukrainians promise to simplify to open accounts in foreign banks, and allowed to buy insurance and receive a salary in foreign currency.

In addition, the Ukrainians will be able to pay in stores exchange cards.


Planned for March next increase pensio pension promise to 11 million citizens, retired.

By decision of the government, the increase will be from 15 to 40%.

“It will be a modernization of pensions under the new wage,” said Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko. In 2019 the pension modernization will be carried out according to the new formula: 50% inflation and 50% growth in the average wage over the past year”.


From 1 April to ride “Ukrzaliznytsya” will be more expensive. The carrier has announced a rise in price of tickets by 12%.

The rest of the month of the State fiscal service needs to be split into two: tax and customs service. The obligation recorded in Memorandum for a loan of IMF stand-by program. Both services must submit to the Minister of Finance. In addition, the tax police should be transformed into financial investigations Service. Also tax and customs authorities should abandon the practice of mandatory inspections and go to target audits.


May 1, Ukrainians will be able to claim compensation for substandard housing and communal services for heating, supply of hot and cold water, garbage collection and maintenance of the house. The Cabinet of Ministers, the new regulation introduces the quality control zhilkomuslug.

All recipients of benefits and subsidies that were applied before 2019, need in may 2019, contact the Department of social protection of the population and apply for monetization and income Declaration in order to obtain subsidies and incentives “live” money.

May Otsa the next phase of rise in price of blue fuel. So, gas for the population will rise in price by another 18%.

May 20 will come into force new rules of payment for housing and communal services. Debtors will be discharged grafica a penalty of 0.01% for each month of delay in payment.


Some banks in Ukraine may be closed. The national Bank announced the list of “weak” banks. According to the Memorandum between Ukraine and the IMF, until April 2019, all banks must have a minimum of 7% of tier I capital and 10% FTC (CAR). Banks that do not comply with these conditions, at the end of June will be withdrawn from the market.


From July 1, increases the minimum subsistence level and changing social standards, which are “tied” to the minimal. Because usually the living wage increases on the inflation rate in 2019, inflation is expected to be small, summer raising the minimum wage will amount to only 4.5%. In particular, the average cost of living will rise from 1853 to 1936 UAH, for children up to 6 years, from 1626 to 1699 UAH, for children from 6 to 18 years – until 2027 2118 UAH, for able-bodied citizens – from 1921 to 2007 UAH. For disabled persons – up to UAH 1564 1497.

The cost of duty-free parcels from abroad, from July 1, reduced from 150 to 100 euros. So, for the parcel, the value of the goods which exceeds € 100, the Ukrainians will pay the VAT at 20%.

Most medical services in clinics will be paid for patients who have not received a referral from a family doctor. those who ask for them, not having a family doctor. This innovation was announced in the MINISTRY of health.


By this time, should make a currency exchange at post offices. It is provided by the law “On currency and currency transactions”. Operators who will be able to conduct foreign exchange transactions called “Ukrposhta” and the “New mail”, while others papirny.


1 September in Kiev needs to open Ukraine’s first IKEA store. It will be located in a newly built shopping center “Ocean Mall” near the subway “Lybidskaya””.


October 1 for more expensive gas. This is the third stage of price hike, which spelled out the agreement in the framework of cooperation with the IMF. How much, not yet reported. They say, “to the economically justified level”.

For October, also scheduled the second phase of higher prices for passenger rail transportation. This price increase should also be 12%. Overall for the year the train tickets will rise by 24%.


Until November 1, every customer will receive an individual number of international standard – IBAN. Replace the numbering will be from 1 April to 31 October. IBAN will consist of 29 digits and letters and to begin it will be with UA. Enter your IBAN number will, in particular, during the operations of money transfers both in national and in foreign currency.


December 1, traditionally increases the minimum subsistence level – in 2019 for the second time this year. This time the increase will be 4.7%. The average subsistence level will increase from 1936 until 2027 UAH, for children up to 6 years – from 1699 to 1779 UAH, for children 6 – 18 years – 2118 2218 to UAH, for able-bodied citizens – from 2007 through 2102 UAH for the disabled – from 1564 to 1638 UAH.

Recall, through adverse weather conditions in Ukrainian stores rose sharply popular food.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainians showed communal tariffs in the upgraded payment system. The amount of hit records.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about what PrivatBank announced the temporary cessation of work.


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