The government had classified the new sanctions list of the Russians: Ukrainians speculated smacks of «betrayal»

The Ministry temporarily occupied territories suddenly refused to show the Ukrainians the list of individuals and entities against which imposed new sanctions on Russia before the new year.

Anti-Russian sanctions

About it writes «Ukrainian truth».

The corresponding circulation publication sent to the Ministry.

«The requested information are proprietary information and not be disclosed», — said in response.

The journalists add that in the previous answer Mtoto said that the Manager of the information requested is Cabinet. The government in turn replied that is not Manager of the requested information, so sent a request to Mndot.

Anti-Russian sanctions

Recall that the U.S. can help Ukraine to beat Putin. So says an American diplomat, former Ambassador John Herbst.

Donald Trump

It is reported, writes the Atlantic Council.

He stressed that the incident in the Kerch Strait cannot be considered a problem only of Ukraine, the diplomat calls it «stupidity». John Herbst notes that although the aggression of the Kremlin and directed at Ukraine, but Russia aims to weaken NATO and the European Union.

As reported previously Know.ia, us Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell warned the German company that the U.S. can impose sanctions for the cooperation and support of the pipeline «Nord stream-2».

«We stress that if companies that support the Russian energy sector, will participate in the respective projects, it may lead to the imposition of sanctions,» said Grenell.

According to the diplomat, «if after starting the «Nord stream-2» and «Turkish stream» of European gas supplies through Ukraine will become redundant, the Ukrainian capital will lose its value in the field of security policy, which will increase the risk of intervention by Russia».

Nord stream-2

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about that in 2019, the Ukrainians do not expect a concrete decision on the introduction of UN peacekeepers to the Donbass.


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