The journalist went through tough Russian propagandists and preparing for the meeting: “with great pleasure the ladies in the snout”

New post criticism raises the subject of curses known to the Russian people.

According to the Trinity, people like Liza Glinka, Chulpan Khamatova or Nut Federmesser should not be offended, because if they cooperated with Putin, only for the good – the words Artemia Politek

Artemy Troitsky

“For example, I come to the question of relativity of positions: Liza Glinka, Chulpan Khamatova and Nutu Federmesser I never tie any of these hurtful words — and not because they are ladies (I wonder, incidentally, that men in Russia such well-not doing…), but because the dubious transactions they went for the sake of the sick and dying. And this is very serious,” notes the critic.

However, the Trinity is a completely different position on the well-known Kremlin propagandists such as Dmitry Kiselyov, Vladimir Solovyov and Margarita Simonyan.

“And with regard to Kiselyov and Solovyov Simonyan, there are no three-story Russian lexical constructions that would be it, brehony not fit! Moreover, the first two (aunt don’t fight), if you happen to meet, with great pleasure give in the snout,” says Artemi.

We will remind, the Assistant to Putin has one foot in the grave, colleagues deny everything, but the photo suggests otherwise

In social networks actively discussing the picture, which the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov, leans on a stick.

A photo published by Russian media.

Where, how and when the picture was taken not Udachnaya, but Putin aide looks clearly not healthy.

As previously reported, “Know.ia” Kiselev prepares a hot surprise for Putin: “we’ll do it on a nudist beach”

The main propagandist of Putin disgraced a statement about the plans of organization of large-scale “cultural” events in anacoana Crimea.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Putin put on a short leash: Walker has made a promising statement, Europe holds its breath

Do not leave Ukraine alone with the Russian aggression, international partners and allies. So, to raise the issue of introduction of new restrictive measures against the Russian Federation called on the European Union, the special representative of the United States Ukraine Kurt Volker.


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