The man sent the cat mail. For this he had to pay a fine of $ 2,000

33-year-old resident of Taibe, located on the island of Taiwan, was fined for a fairly unusual thing to do. He sent his Scottish fold cat mail in a cardboard box. The office was shocked when I found the animal in the box.

The man reported that some time ago took the cat to the shelter. He decided to send it back, because we realized that he had no time to care for the animals. Why he decided to do it this way is unknown. Apparently, in order not to waste your time on the train to the orphanage.

He did not realize that Taiwan is very strict with such things. Here watching how the owners treat their pupils. The country has a specific system of penalties, the aim of which is to strengthen the control against the treatment of animals.

City inspection center, which specializiruetsya on the protection of animals and protection of health, found the man guilty. He broke the Taiwan animal protection act.

The experts also found that the animal was not vaccinated against rabies. Therefore, the pet owner fined for violation of Regulations on the prevention of infectious animal diseases.

Now man must pay a fine in the amount of 60 thousand new Zealand dollars, which is about 2 thousand dollars.

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