The mansion Poroshenko showed in all its glory: from what I have seen I want to cry

Journalists uncovered the truth about the many plots of land in elite areas of Kiev, President Petro Poroshenko got for next to nothing.

This is stated in the investigation of journalists «Scheme», reports Radio Liberty.

Private plot in the centre of Kiev, opposite the monastery, Poroshenko got for next to nothing as a result of simple scheme, the journalist said.

This is now private land, is a monument of national importance – the earthen shaft Kiev fortress, Alexis backrest, which was partially destroyed construction equipment that had to build a manor for Poroshenko.

Petro Poroshenko

And after the election of President Poroshenko the criminal case was quickly closed.

And when the «Diagrams» officially asked the various state bodies the documents on the ground Poroshenko and permit it to be built, which may be evidence that he committed a criminal offence – was that they seized Control of the state guard, subordinate to the President. Documents hidden under classified service and even government secrets.

Poroshenko is destroying the construction work of Alekseevskiy-rest – one of the three lunettes of the «Kyiv fortress», which is preserved to this day. This – earth fortifications of the 18th century and, besides, a monument of national importance.

Now an ordinary man cannot even approach the monument of national importance.

Also in the investigation surfaced land, which once belonged to the community of Kiev, and now the family of associate President Deputy Igor Kononenko.

More hectares of valuable land at the cave 2009, the city Council donated the property to the structure associated with Petro Poroshenko and Igor Kononenko – directly opposite the site of the President.

«There will not be allowed. Before, 40 years ago, went to a barbecue and played soccer. Was walnut grove. The nuts are mainly collected went in his youth. You can pass. Before Poroshenko bought» — say the locals.

«Protected territory – a territory where we can only protect and restore the monuments. And nothing more to do,» – said the expert.

And in practice it is not so. For Alexis, the rest had construction equipment — obviously, Poroshenko is building a new mansion on the ruins of the history of the Ukrainians.

We will remind, the mayor of Cherkasy Anatoliy Bondarenko spoke on account of the defection of the President of Ukraine with a rally in the city.

As reported previously Know.ia, surfaced shocking information about the assassination of President Petro Poroshenko, who is preparing during his stay in Transcarpathia.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote about that in Zhytomyr disrupted a campaign rally of the presidential candidate of Ukraine and the acting head of state Petro Poroshenko.


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