The mayor died from a stab wound to the heart

The mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich, who was attacked with a knife during the charity concert, has died in hospital.

This information is reported by Telegram-channel “360tv”.

Pavel Adamovich

On the eve of the mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich was attacked with a knife on stage during the charity concert. The man ran to the scene and struck the mayor of the city. However, as reported Onet.pl he screamed into the microphone: “Hello, Hello! My name is Stefan. I innocently spent in prison”. Civic platform (Polish political party – ed.) tortured me, therefore, and die Adamovich”.

The assailant was arrested at the site of the bloody incident.

Pavel Adamovich

53-year-old activist, who served as mayor of Gdansk in 1998, was hospitalized in critical condition and underwent a five-hour operation: the knife hit the heart, and damaged the abdominal organs. While the meeting was on the operating table, he poured a portion 41 of donor blood.

It later emerged that the 27-year-old striker in 2013 was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for a series of Bank robberies. The man claims that in prison he was regularly tortured.

Pavel Adamovich

We will remind, in Kiev, near metro University, on the territory of Botanical garden named Alexander Fomin was committed an armed attack on a homeless man. The unknown put the stroller multiple stab wounds and fled in an unknown direction. A report on the incident published on Friday, January 11, publishing the Informant.

In the emergency services about the assault learned later in the evening of Thursday, January 10, at about 23:00. Homeless man hospitalized with injuries of moderate severity – a penetrating wound of the hand, heavy bleeding.

As reported previously Know.ia, in Kiev, parents of young children panic because of alleged pedophiles who molested kids in the street.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that in Odessa region militiamen detained the criminal who killed and raped a child.


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