The measles epidemic: the Ukrainians have set a sad record since independence

With the beginning of the year, doctors have recorded 44 of 386 new cases of measles. This figure was the largest in the last 25 years, Ukraine.

About it reported in Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Now physicians continue to talk about increasing the number of patients with measles. In the past week alone has recorded more than two thousand cases of measles. This is 11.5% more than the week before.


As a rule, the more sick children. So, last week 2 384 new cases – 1603 of the child.

In General, say the health MINISTRY, since the beginning of the year in Ukraine measles have become ill 386 44 people: 16 adults and 27 593 793 of the child.


Earlier, the Ministry repeatedly reported that the highest incidence of measles during the years of independence was recorded in 2006, when it was about 42 724 patients.

So this year the number of patients exceeded for all years since 1991.


The geography of disease?

As before, the greatest problem in the Western Ukraine. It was here, according to Ministry of health, fewer children are vaccinations against measles and other diseases.

Leaders in the number of patients:

  • Lviv oblast (9 533: 2 697 836 adults and 6 children)
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region (4 571 employees: 1 225 346 adults and 3 children)
  • Transcarpathian region (4 147: 846 301 adults and 3 child)
  • Ternopil region (2 854: 971 883 adult and 1 child)
  • Odessa oblast (2 643 people: 1 322 321 adults and 1 child)
  • Kyiv (2 625 persons: 1 591 034 adult and 1 child).


Experts urge parents not to neglect children’s health and the time to be vaccinated. After all, this is the only protection against measles.

According to the world health organization in Ukraine, among other countries in 2018 had the highest incidence of measles.

Recall that scientists have found a hearth, a terrible infection which caused the pandemic in Europe.

As reported by the portal Know.news Agency in Kiev found a huge pack of rats. people are afraid of the terrible infections.

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that thousands of people sick with influenza and SARS in only one area.

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