The November explosion: these electric cars have conquered the hearts of Ukrainians

In November, the demand for electric vehicles in Ukraine increased by 2.4 times in comparison with the previous year.

This information is reported by Association “Ukrautoprom”.

It is known that for a month 598 electric vehicles passed the initial registration in Ukraine. 80% – imported cars with mileage.

On the Ukrainian market the most favorite car is the Nissan Leaf. Last month, 344 Ukrainians became owners of cars of this model.

In the second place most popular is the car BMW i3. The preference for this electric car, Leipzig plant BMW gave 41 the buyer.

Honorary third place went to Tesla Model S – 34 in November, these cars received a Ukrainian residence permit.

Renault Zoe in fourth place with a score of 28 units.

The top five leaders of the Fiat 500e, which chose 24 of the buyer.

Since the beginning of the year in Ukraine its first registration 4812 electric vehicles, which is almost 2 times more than in the same period of 2017. The share of imported second-hand in this segment of the market amounted to 84%.

Recallthat one of the owners of the Tesla Model 3 could technically “hack” and dig in its programmatic content – and then, having studied architecture, to roll a full version of Ubuntu. Thus the owner of the car was able to reflash your device and even to use as a full PC.

It sounds really strange, but when you consider the productive potential of Tesla established his model of an electric vehicle, it becomes clear that this is only the beginning of such modernization. It is not excluded that in the future users will be able to modify on-Board computer auto Tesla, in improving and modifying.

As reported previously Know.ia, last month announcement of the sale of uncleared cars has increased dramatically.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the owners probleh ceased to rebel. Prepare for a new war.



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