The Prosecutor General’s office finally figured out who was behind the shooting of the Maidan

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the Prosecutor General’s office has completed the examination in the case of crimes during the revolution of dignity on Maidan.

About this Lutsenko told the TV channel inter.

Completed the examination in respect of those persons who gave the order to shoot protesters on the Maidan. The result, according to the attorney General to conclude in early 2019.

Upon completion of the investigation, the GPU will be able to show the public, the suspect and the accused the evidence that it is Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Yakymenko, Shuliak, respectively, the President, the head of the SBU, interior Ministry, Interior troops and their subordinates gave the criminal orders, which were killed on the Maidan, more than 100 people, more than a thousand were injured.

Lutsenko calls it “the most anticipated process over the years.”

“Investigators were able to establish the facts, the evidence, to interview thousands of people to give factual material, which, in the judgment, has a causal relationship with the deaths on the Maidan,” − said Lutsenko.

Earlier it was reported that the Revolution of Dignity has changed the situation in the state of many Ukrainians. About the impact of independence on his life recently and said the Russian independent journalist, blogger Arkady Babchenko.

On his page on Facebook he wrote that nothing changes people like seen firsthand the death, but about your stay among activists are not spared.

Recall, the security forces remembered the Heavenly hundred were detained, “the sniper killer”. Most of the culprits have already left the country.

As reported Know. EN, Babchenko reminded Ukrainians that they really have something to be proud of. Activists of the Maidan, then and now learn not difficult: each of them lives the idea.

Know. ua wrote about painful and important memories of the activists of the revolution of Dignity. Burning tires, people sang the Anthem of Ukraine, even not knowing that soon they will come for “the eagle”.


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