The Ukrainian showed me how to forget about the communal apartment: warmth and light are, and the bills don’t come

warm house

Ukrainian built economical house and showed by example how you can not pay for communal exorbitant amount.

About it writes “businessua.com”

Heat and light is there, but bills for him do not come. So, without utilities lives Poltava inventor. Self-contained house on the dacha built, because he was without an apartment and was forced to save on everything. How energy efficient dome house told his Creator.

This house immediately catches the eye on the background of the neighboring via its domed shape with a variety of devices on the roof. Owner – Poltava retired military engineer Vitaliy Maiboroda.

“The house itself cost 15 thousand dollars. This price of an apartment in the five story building,” – says Vitaly.

However, in comparison with a small apartment area it has a number of advantages.

For your accommodation in 70 square metres, considered the owner, gave to winter three thousand UAH for heating and electricity. And not spending any extra penny.

Therefore, the roof had solar panels and a wind generator. In addition, he created the last.

Even if the sky is covered with clouds, solar battery still works and produces electricity, and on a Sunny day – no complaints.

If there is wind with it wind turbine.

The electrical energy generated by solar panels and drogendealer, falls into two batteries.

“Now I have the batteries lasts from one to three days in operation, if there is no sun,” – says the inventor.

The house is heated with solid fuel boiler. However, the boiler of unusual design and placement. He’s in the floor.

“In a conventional oven is a chimney that goes vertical. Well, all these gases are products of combustion come out. The principle is one that a lot of energy through the chimney just evaporates into the air. In the reactive furnace chimney is, but it is not vertical, it is horizontal, it is under the floor of the first floor” – says Vitaliy Maiboroda.

Smoke inventor warms the floor of the first floor. The second heats with electricity and the sun. Most importantly, he says, it is good to insulate the house.

“So knocking, it’s all foam. The wall thickness of 20 centimeters. It gave, see heat, and heating is disabled. Battery there. Here it is – electric. She works five to seven hours, well, if a very hard frost, maybe 8 hours a day,” he says.

Keeps you warm and the shape of the house. Under the dome lives the daughter of the inventor.

This is just the beginning, says the engineer. The house plans to expand, build a pool heated to expand greenhouses and to improve the furnace heating.

We will remind, in Kiev the apartment owners will have to pay almost 100 hryvnia per cubic meter of hot water. C1 Jan entered into force the new tariffs.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainians shut off the gas for a week. Who is not lucky?

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that the citizens called the new tariffs for electricity. The price suddenly came down.


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