The Ukrainians suggested to SIP the blood of the independence: people are in shock from wine “Heavenly hundred”, such cynicism was not expecting anyone

Ukrainians in anger from the appearance of the wine called “Heavenly hundred”. Alcohol was presented in Vinnytsia on the eve of the festival “God Pours”.

It turns out that homemade wine was made by the parents of the participant of the revolution of Dignity Maxim Shimko, they gave alcohol to the organizer. And he, in turn, have developed appropriate name and logo.

A bottle of wine called “Heavenly hundred” during the presentation of the festival has sparked outrage on social media. Under the post about the presentation of the many disturbances from the users. However, the scandal gradually escalated from online to offline: social activists from Vinnitsa require the organizer of the festival made a public apology.

“This is very serious stuff, killing people who were unarmed. This memory must be heroic, let’s tomorrow the beer will be called so, or crackers “Heavenly hundred” – says public activist Taisa Gaida.

Combatants and volunteers of the ATO also angry and want the wine was not present at the festival.

Why “Heavenly hundred” explains Alexander Shemet. Says 10 liters homemade drink he gave the relatives of Maxim Shimko, one of the heroes of the Heavenly hundred. 34-year-old man died during the confrontation on Independence square in Kiev in 2014.

“I really want us at the festival, along with friends, commemorated those boys from the Heavenly hundred. Because wine is a sacred thing,” says the organizer of the wine festival Alyaksandr Shemet.

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In Khmelnytsky held a pretty wild incident. So, on the night of 7 to 8 December at the Independence square, unknown persons desecrated a memorial Board with photos of the Heavenly hundred heroes and the victims of the Ukrainian defenders.

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