The voice 9: Potap won the Ukrainian Whitney Houston and the handsome doctor

Alex Potapenko

Sunday, February 10, completed the 4th Ukrainian TV show the voice of the country-9, which the audience called the most romantic for all time of the project. It is worth noting that the competition between the coaches have become increasingly prominent, because each of them wants to see in his team a winner.

So, in the latest issue of heart Potap won two participants. Now the team showman for 9 people, and the seats available were only 7.

Karina Arsentyeva

The family Karina, like most in the city, behind the house there is a garden in which grow tomatoes. She always helped dad collect the tomatoes and went pass them. Helped until, until he entered the musical College of Glinka in the river because all my life wanted to sing.

Only 2-3 months ago she opened another and the ability to Opera singing. Karina dreams of becoming a singer is not to collect life tomatoes. Vocal participants were fascinated by all coaches – she got a turn four chairs.

Alexander Miller

Parents and brother Sasha – doctors. He had dreamed since childhood of becoming a doctor to help people. Guy graduated from medical University and now works on-call doctor at children’s hospital of Chernivtsi.

In parallel with the work of the doctor singing in the pubs of the city. Writes music and songs and sells them to other singers. Own songs – more than a hundred. Sometimes performs in a Duo with his brother-physician.

Recall that the famous singer Dan Balan, which this year took the place of the star coaches of “the Voice of the country”, commented on the rumors about a possible romantic relationship with Tina Karol.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, on February 10 the fourth stage of the so-called “blind auditions” the vocal project “Voice of country”. The coaches have watched exactly half wanting to get to the ninth season of the show.

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that the Ukrainians called the name of one of the finalists of the preselection-2019. The unanimous winner of the first semi-final of national selection for Eurovision-2019 is the singer Maruv.


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