The writer-terrorist Prilepin, who escaped from Donbas, come up with an excuse

Controversial Russian writer who fought against Ukrainian soldiers on the side of Putin’s thugs, Zakhar Prilepin suddenly said that more fighting in the Donbass, he will not.

So, Prilepin said that the “young state” became “another region of Russia”. And, just think, the war there ceased to inspire him. Pseudoelement thinks that after the elimination Zakharchenko there have been dramatic changes. This became known thanks to the Slovenian television channel RTV 4.

Zakhar Prilepin

Prilepin added that earlier Ukraine was a territory of freedom, where there was lots of music, lots of poetry, lots of space for movements.”

“I felt I was there in the spring. There now is not my time. And I ceased to be a soldier, I was a civilian. I said, that’s what happens – I feel for the people of Donbass, I help, I have a humanitarian Foundation, my battalion, I remain his sponsor, but I don’t want to fight for the interests of big business. I don’t want to fight for capitalism,” said Park.


It is worth Recalling that the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, who fought on the side of the militants “DNR” took up the post of artistic Director of the Moscow Art academic theatre named after Maxim Gorky. This was announced on Tuesday, December 4, the press service of the Ministry of culture of Russia.

It is also reported that the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation appointed the new artistic Director of the Moscow art THEATER became a Director and producer Eduard Boyakov.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Russian rapper Basta previously posted “Peacemaker” ukrainofobsky statements and speeches in anacoana Crimea, expressed support for raising the retirement age in Russia.

“If we don’t raise the retirement age in a few years we will have nothing to pay pensions. Raising the retirement age – it’s scary, but in another way”, – said the musician in response to journalists ‘ questions.

Recall, shared the fate Zakharchenko: “DNR” blew up another “Minister”.

As reported Know.ia snake nest “DNR” exploded: the first details.

Know.Eeyore wrote, show promoter Solovyov put an end to the dreams of Putin.


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