There was a video of the storming of a police station in Kiev: “get down, Bandera!”

Right-wing radicals formation C14 Podolsky stormed the police station, resulting in between them and police officers clashed.

The incident occurred over the weekend in Kiev. The next day after the clashes, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko has said that investigators of the state Bureau of investigation began working on this incident. It is reported by the Informant with reference to Lutsenko in Facebook.

“Immediately after the first reports in social networks, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine has opened manufacture on abuse of power by officers of the Metropolitan police,” – said the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko said that investigators should evaluate the actions of the police during clashes in Kiev, Kontraktova square, and later, during the storming of the office.

In addition, the attorney General said that have managed to establish the identity of the person who is “a man lying beaten and screaming about Bandera”. Lutsenko added that investigators will consider in the proceedings and attempt to seize offices Nacpac.

In turn, the police of Kiev released a video with footage of the storming of the office. The clash started after the premises of the police Department was brought activists C14. For a few tens of minutes to a branch profits associates of the detainees. Began to storm the building and, according to militiamen, tried to return the seized items. Since the police Department is a secure facility, which houses weapons and ammunition, head Nacpac Kiev gave the order on unblocking of the room.

Remind staff Nazionalnii and patrol police launched a flashmob “I – banderovets” to apologize for the actions of one of the police officers during the clashes and detain members of the radical organization C14 near Podolsk district police station of Kiev shouted “get Down, Bandera!”.

As reported by “Know.ia” the police commented on the detention of activists during the campaign “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk,” which was held today, February 9, in Kiev.

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