Three suns over China: the witnesses recorded a rare phenomenon

China was an incredibly rare phenomenon. Residents of the Northern province Hebei saw a spectacular sun «halos». Unusual lights on both sides of the sun sozdal the impression that over Citem up three of the sun. This exciting pattern can be observed for ten minutes.

Meteorologists called a sun halo or a sun halo optical phenomenon of the atmosphere. It is formed from ice crystals formed from water vapor and congenerous at a certain height. When in contact with sunlight, these crystals are bent. As a result, there is a kind of glow.

The experts noted that a similar phenomenon considers exceptional. In nature it occurs very rarely. Fortunately, the witnesses had to photograph it on camera. Residents of the province shared removed videos online. Users are in awe of this stunning phenomenon.

Ufologists could not ignore this event. They believe that such phenomena indicate approaching the Earth a mysterious planet Nibiru that may destroy all of humanity.

It is possible that the experts phenomenon associated with the invasion of Earth by aliens. Perhaps they sent it to us sign.

Recently solar halo was seen by a resident of the suburb of Kyiv. And before solar halo seen in the sky over Kharkov.

Previously portal «Know.ia» wrote: videos from social networks helped to recover the trajectory of the meteorite. Meteoroid exploded in the air over Cuba

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As reported, the Ground rushing star millions of times brighter than the sun, mankind have so little. This celestial body is more than 10 times destroyed everything on Earth alive. Compared with it, Nibiru is just the beginning.


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