Tigipko took “on hot” together with his billions, “national Bank has the right to apply measures of influence”

The national Bank of Ukraine, which was fined Taskombank 6 million hryvnias for illegal removal of UAH 3.9 billion, acted within its powers.

This is evidenced by Yakov Smoliy, the NBU, the publication of Vox Ukraine

Yakov Smoliy

“We operate within the framework of their powers. One of the functions of the National Bank – the avoidance of transactions laundering of the proceeds of crime, which can be used to Finance terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and the like, ” says Jacob.

According to his words, if is the conversion of substantial sums of money – something like that always helps to ensure that suspicious Finance drew attention to the financial monitoring service.

“If it turns out that the operations that create a risk to other depositors of the Bank, the national Bank has the right to apply measures of influence. Interventions are discrete, they have been consistent, and we apply depending on the level of riskiness of the operation was revealed in the Bank”, – said the head of the NBU.

“It is therefore wrong to say that we tomorrow someone will withdraw the license. It all depends on the specific operations, the specific situation, as far as what happened or is happening threatens the Bank itself or a specific group of customers,” says Jacob.

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