To be the best it is impossible to close!

What: a nationwide restaurant summit 2019


When:10.04.2019 from 10:00-19:00

If your goal is to become the best in the restaurant market of Ukraine, then we invite you to the second annual national restaurant summit from an international company “Business Designer”.

Why do you need to be on a nationwide restaurant summit 2019?

  • You will receive a global road map to systematize your restaurant
  • Will empower your professional skills of the owner of the restaurant
  • Learn insider information from top professionals in the restaurant market, how to protect your business from the most common mistakes
  • Ukrainian restaurant summit 2019 is

    • Best cases here of restaurateurs and businessmen, whose projects are widely known and recognizable, both in Ukraine and abroad;
    • An innovative look at new tools for the development of restaurants;
    • Author’s technology of creation of strong brand and corporate identity of the institution;
    • Tips to ensure the operational efficiency of the hall and kitchen;
    • 8-hour flow of new knowledge, ideas and inspiration for leveling the top management of the restaurant

    Ukrainian restaurant summit to:

    • Restaurateurs
    • Leadership and management of the restaurants
    • Those who only wrote a business plan your ideal restaurant

    Those who miss this event, she’s going to be an outsider in the business of racing in the restaurant business in 2019!

    You will have the opportunity to ask pressing questions and get instant advice from Maxim Khramov (managing partner in Givi Rubinstein), Dmitry Borisova (the founder of the Family of restaurants Dima Borisov),Kirill Kunitsky (founder of the international companies of the «Business Designer», a practitioner with 15 years of experience as owner and Manager of companies in the sphere of small and medium business), by Irina avrutskaya (Author of the bestseller «the Battle for the Guest»), Eugene Lerman (Director of educational programs ServiceGuru), Arthur protchenko (founder of Chefs-Academy).

    The explosive flow of professional knowledge in the systematization of the restaurant business, vibrant networking, unexpected life hacks and Grand fucapi that those who are equal to the entire restaurant market of Ukraine – all this is waiting for you 10 April in EVENT HALL POCHAYNA.

    The event was organized by international company “Business Designer”.

    Tickets can be purchased at http://bit.ly/2F6Ycjw


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