Today in Orthodoxy Trehtsvetie February 12: history and traditions of the holiday

Other names of the feast: “Three hierarchs”, “Vasiliev day”, “Basil”, “Animal svadebnik”, “Beastly feast”.

The history of the holiday

In Constantinople there was a split in the faith of the 10th century. The fact that the society was divided into three camps. Between arguing educated in matters of faith men. And the main reason – three prominent Church father: John Chrysostom, Gregory the Theologian and Basil the Great. Each warring camp tried to prove that their Holy one, to whom they gave the preference more important than the other two. Was soon involved all the inhabitants of Constantinople. Endless disputes and quarrels broke out everywhere. In the end, the saints themselves and decided the dispute.

First in turns and then together they were wriggling around in a dream Metropolitan Whatiscam, then explained that people make mistakes, severing them, and in fact the Holy one. Therefore, the memory of them is carried out in one day.

Holiday traditions

On this day, our ancestors tried not to spin, even called this day a day of 3 hierarchs-nipradilol. And it was beastly feast, because they thought that the animals in the forest to choose a couple. But for the people the celebration was held a kind. They just served the venison on the table.

Also today it was decided to judge the weather by the behavior of animals. If the hare came to the garden, there will be a severe winter, and close if the wolves began to howl, it will also be cold. Squeaky chirping bullfinch talked about the imminent snowstorm, and Vice versa mouse predicted thaw. Also foreshadowed the warmth of wood, covered with frost.

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Folk omens on February 12


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