Tomos for Ukraine: the priest told when to celebrate Christmas, it’s not so simple

George Kovalenko

The priest Georgy Kovalenko told not to light the Christmas to spoil unnecessary disputes about the date of its celebration.

About it reports “Apostrophe”.

He said that most of the Orthodox world celebrates Christmas on 25 February and only four local churches, including the Ukraine celebrate this holiday on January 7.

In addition, he urged the laity not to create a controversy about the correct celebration and the possible postponement of the holiday on December 25.

“There is much talk today about how we celebrate Christmas on December 25 with the world, or January 7, as is traditionally accepted in Ukraine. I would not oppose these two dates, and first you need to fill Christmas content 25 Dec. So, if we talk about the whole world, almost the entire Orthodox world celebrates Christmas on 25 December: 10 of the 14 Autocephalous Orthodox churches. Therefore, in Ukraine, for many people, December 25 – Christmas day. and we, Orthodox Ukrainians, have to be hospitable hosts and count 25 Dec day R modestincome hospitality. Who are these people? This is the staff of various embassies, it is the staff of international organizations, are the guests of Ukraine, tourists, people who live and work in Ukraine. And this year we will have a stavropegic of the Constantinople Patriarchate in Kiev, and by the way, Orthodox Constantinople as the times celebrates Christmas on 25 December”, – he said.

He also added that on 25 December in Ukraine should also be celebrated as a separate holiday, because in this moment celebrates the world Ukrainians can observe the traditions of different Nations.

“I think we should create these people some Christmas cheer, Christmas holiday. On the other hand, we have a day off, and we may see how the world celebrates. We can get acquainted with the Christmas traditions of other countries. We can visit those Christians who have Christmas on 25 December. we’ll have time to write a postcard, SMS or social networks – congratulations to our friends from other countries. We can use this day and fill it with anticipation of Christmas joy,” said the priest.

Recall letter sent to Constantinople by the headless horseman.

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