Train «uz» caught in a trap of ice, the passengers had to beat the car

Did not have time Evgeny Kravtsov officially appointed the head of «Ukrzaliznytsya» as the passengers clearly showed him the state of Affairs in cars.

In particular, recently, the journalist Elena Semenova in Facebook said that he had to endure during the flight «Kharkiv-Kovel. It turned out that people were warming themselves as best they could, hiding under three blankets.

«To survive the last night on the train Kharkiv — Kovel, which goes through Kremenchug, could only «work out» three blankets. At 5 am I became the «Rasulova» so sleep my traveler has provided,» she wrote

As you know, Smirnova was driving in a cold car with her two daughters. The journalist added that the conditions were terrible. Besides the conductor all night hit the ice in the car.

«The toilets are silent. Hands are freezing them to take a picture. Ha-ha the whole night you can hear the sound is the conductor of the ice studs. Good morning, Mr. Evgeny Kravtsov. Did you sleep well, not chicaloca?», she said to Kravtsov.

A similar case occurred on January 8, the passengers of the train №249 Chernivtsi Kiev, had to freeze for lack of heating in the compartment. About it on the page in Facebook said the MP from the PPO Irina Suslova with reference to one of the passengers Natalia Kashin. She bought a ticket for 320 UAH from Ivano-Frankivsk and won a seat in the second car.

«To her surprise there is very strange worked the boiler and how much coal did not give up, and the heat he gave. At the same time it was bitter cold. As a result, the temperature inside does not rise above 10 degrees. Night guide just ran away from his car, and people had to sleep in jackets and coats, but this was of little help, as the drafts from the Windows created a specific ventilation,» wrote Suslov.

After passengers raised a fuss, the conductor admitted that the chances of no heat because the boiler is broken and this car was not supposed to put the rolling stock. According to her, people from cold the car left his «warm» experience in the book of complaints.

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Recall, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has officially appointed Evgeny Krajcovicova of the Board of JSC «Ukrzaliznytsya». As reported by «Know.ia», «Ukrzaliznytsya» plans to get rid of trains. Also «Know.ia» , «Ukrzaliznytsya» will significantly increase the tariffs in 2019.


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