“Trampled in La*ka”: the third week breakage Express Kyiv-Boryspil extremely angered Kiev

The vaunted Express “Kyiv-Boryspil”, which was so much talk, has broken down again! Both Kiev citizens and guests of the capital are revolted to the core. In social networks, the growing wave of indignation about the fact that the train not only has half of the benefits, which are so sweetly sang the power but breaks down at every step. So for the week to Express “Kyiv-Boryspil” broke down three times. So, due to the breakage of the train on Friday, 7 December, passengers missed the flight at the airport.

“When it broke the first time I thought – who does not happen. Alarmed. When it broke the second time, I thought – anything can happen. Overlooked. And this morning he broke in again and I thought – what a shame. So simple. Trampled in g**but the idea,” – wrote in a network of inhabitant of Kiev Alexey Davidenko.

“My friend went to the airport this new super fast train with Express Kyiv-Boryspil and was an hour late from the stated time. He got back up. Was on the outskirts of Kiev. Came the locomotive function of the tractor. Passers-by on foot, ahead is the Express bellow and fotkalis on this sad background. Passengers sit inside passed the online check-in for their flights via the conductors of the train”, – said Davydenko.

As previously reported, Know.Eeyore, came off the rails all cars: new Express had an accident, dozens of victims, appeared the first pictures. All victims delivered in local clinics.

We will remind, the workers gather. Ukrzaliznytsia launched euroexpress. Any transfers, but will have to push.

For travel lovers and for those Ukrainians who live or work in Hungary appeared good news. Ukrzaliznytsia ” will launch a new train Mukachevo-Budapest. It is known that the flight will start on December 9.

This became known thanks to V. and. Chairman of the Board of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” Evgeny Kravtsov on the social network Facebook.

“It will be a daily direct route direct. The rolling stock plying on euroklee, belongs to the Hungarian Railways. We built a separate platform, constructing track, signaling and communications,” wrote Kravtsov.

We also wrote that the Express to the airport “Borispol” rides in tow. The Express has its own engine, but after two failures he drives the locomotive. The journey Express has removed the witnesses. High-speed Express train from Kiev airport “Borispol” was broken the day after its launch. According to the driver of the Express, there is a problem with the engine, so the train wouldn’t start. Express Kyiv-Boryspil left at 11:01 with the station and had to arrive at the airport today at 11:38, via 37 min. However, after an emergency stop, the train arrived at Borispol about 13 hours. It was towed by another train.


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