Trump announced an important statement, patience is exhausted: Putin’s project the end

American capital is secretly developing a project for the introduction of new punitive restrictions on companies that are engaged in the construction of «Nord stream-2».

If these sanctions will be, the construction of a gas pipeline under the Baltic sea may stop. This was stated by Executive Director of the Eastern Committee of German economy Michael harms.

Nord stream-2

In comments to German journalists he said that the problem is very large scale and impact.

Thus, in the construction of the pipeline involved 627 companies, some of which operate in a narrow segment. For example, responsible for the laying of pipes. The sanctions forced them to withdraw from the contract, and then the project itself will be threatened. It may even be disrupted.

The U.S. Senate

Harms insisted that US sanctions in case of their introduction, interfere in internal European Affairs and are contrary to the interests of Germany. He says that the sanctions will harm Europe in the long term.

It is worth mentioning that instead of solving the problem of the disputed Kuril Islands in favor of Japan, Russian President Vladimir Putin to demand recognition of her annexation of Crimea. This was stated by Russian political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin.

He says that perhaps Moscow will require is Smoked, not only investment, but also a recognition of Japan’s annexation of Crimea. After all, Putin is very important advocacy component. It would therefore be logical to do so.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili at the moment does not see any prerequisites to restore diplomatic relations with Russia. She noted that during her presidency a lot of things will change. According to her, Georgian-Russian dialogue is possible only when you connect to port “of the main partners of Georgia.”

«Things are changing in the international arena, and very quickly. But I see no reason to start diplomatic relations or other type of dialogue,» — said the President.

Recall, the wall trump hacked into ordinary hammer: even a child will cope.

As reported Know.ia a scandalous credibility «Junkie» was awarded the state award: and weapons, just in case.

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