Two birds with one stone: in Britain, offered an alternative to Brexit

The Minister for work and pensions amber Rudd

Amber Rudd, the Minister for work and pensions, suggested a different path for the UK that can replace the Brexit. This option will allow the country to leave the EU, but to maintain its influence in the European economic area.

News reports Deutsche Welle, citing an interview with Times with the Minister Rudd, which was published on 8 December.

In particular, the Minister offers a deal called “Norway plus” model. It is the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, but maintaining the possibility of countries free to maintain trade relations with member States of the EU within the European economic area.Such status today is Norway.

Agreement “Norway +” should also allow Britain to remain in the customs Union. Norway is now no such right. This deal can be taken as an alternative to if on 11 December in the House of Commons, British MPs vote against the adoption of Brexit.

The British Parliament

By the way, observers of events in the British Parliament noted that most of the MPs planning to vote against the agreement Brexit.

Recall that Brexit is a plan of exit of Britain from the European Union. This issue was raised by the British conservative and nationalist parties. 23 June 2016 referendum in which the British voted to secede from the “ranks” of the European Union.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, the British Parliament has restricted the entry of people who illegally acquired a significant income. This innovation will significantly hurt the rich residents of Russia.

To further humiliate the Russian oligarchs, Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may, approved the list of six Russian oligarchs who are restricted free entry into Britain.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that Brexit, as in the case of Russia, the Prime Minister has a particular point of view. She noted that after the adoption of the agreement, Britain will join again as “one nation” and “refuse to label”.



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