Ukraine loses huge sums because of corruption: just look at these numbers

According to the Center of economic strategy, the budget of Ukraine annually loses $ 26 billion a lump sum and an additional $ 8 billion due to inefficient governance and corruption. How to understand this?

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that makes it relevant to budget planning for the next three years as opposed to annual planning.

For example, $ 26 billion is necessary to 6 years the health of Ukrainians or 8 years, the support of the Armed forces of Ukraine. This money could help to re-equip the army of a country at war modern weapons or significantly improve the quality of public and community health services, writes “24 channel”.

For the money that we do not get enough, could be increased more than 5 times the salaries of all teachers of Ukraine. For the money, payments at birth would increase by 10 times.

Means that is losing the Ukrainian budget, would be enough to increase the salaries of doctors more than three times or increase the pensions of all Ukrainian pensioners almost half.

Recall that the Ukrainians will be fined for “salaries in envelopes”.

Now calculate what it is we do not receive this amount. For evasion from payment of taxes – $ 7 billion, due to the lack of a civilized market of the earth is 12.5 billion dollars lump sum and $ 52 million annually.

On the tax evasion every year Ukraine loses seven billion dollars. Due to the lack of a civilized land market losing 12.5 billion dollars lump sum and $ 52 million annually. On the non-repayment of bad debts – Ukraine in the red by another $ 10 billion, and inefficient infrastructure management annually lose a billion and 300 million dollars. Due to the lack of effective privatization, Ukraine receives four billion and 200 million dollars.

The main obstacles to Ukraine joining the international investment is the lack of confidence in the judicial system and corruption. In the absence of these funds, the economy begins to grow, and there will be competition for employees, and consequently, decent salaries for the workers.

In the end, earnings in the Ukrainians will not rise, but adjusted for inflation and purchasing power of the hryvnia to decline. And the consequences of corruption and inefficient governance. The following 2019, we can change that. For this purpose it is only necessary to give control of the country in the hands of honest and efficient politicians.

We will remind, the New Law provides for long term budget planning.

Before Know.Eeyore wrote that the Verkhovna Rada has decided on the main items of the budget for the year 2019.

Also Know As.news Agency reported that the Ministry of Finance has prepared changes that will affect salaries, pensions and prices.


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