Ukrainians made up the program for Zelensky: dollar 8, the death penalty “predecessors” and pensions are mere mortals

“Servant of the people” (Comedy “95 Quarter” Vladimir Zelensky)

Recently, the author and actor of the Studio “Kvartal 95”, and more recently the presidential candidate of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky has released the first sketch of his election program.

The comedian has openly admitted that the full plan for him and his team yet, and appealed to supporters to advise him what should be changed in the state in the first place.

Vladimir Zelensky (Block 95)

Most readers asked for lower communal taxes, to reduce the number of officials to stop health reform and education reform, to raise wages and end the war. Some asked for the return of the death penalty – however, did not specify whose names from the list of authorities of the past years mean.

Others wanted the status of nuclear powers and “to introduce the model of Switzerland in Ukraine”.

Vladimir Zelensky (Block 95)

Many people noted that the President has no authority to implement such requirements. Were more personal requests, for example, the blogger Alexey Durnev asked for more comedies about the date. Asked funny jokes in the “Kvartal 95”.

Interestingly, in the first hint of the program, Zelensky also tells about such key issues as the fight against corruption, lustration and improve the economic level of the country.

Or will include humorist request of Ukrainians to the final version of an official document, it is not yet explained.

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We will remind, Prytula will compete with Zelensky in genre cinema.As reported by “Know.ia”, the network has compared the campaign Zelensky series “servant of the people”. Also “Know.ia” Zelensky first told about the relationship with Kolomoisky.


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