Ukrainians promised “prosecutorial” pensions, but will have to suffer

Ukraine will change the order of calculation of pensions. The Ministry of social policy wants to lift restrictions on the payment of the maximum pension.

Reports about it “businessua.com”.

Now the bill is being finalized. If it is accepted, according to the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, this will allow the fair to increase the size of pensions for those Ukrainians whose contributions to the Pension Fund will increase as a result of the removal of restrictions from the base of calculation of ERUs.


“It really is an adequate response to the removal of restrictions base the calculation of ERUs. If we all make a salary basis of calculation for payment of the single social contribution, respectively, and pension should also be assessed for all payment without limitation. And we are absolutely ready to take this step because, in my opinion, it is absolutely adequate supply: people pay more, it means that people have the right to get more – this is the principle of social justice”, – quotes the press service of the Reva.

However the new rules will apply only to those Ukrainians. who receive payments, according to the law of Ukraine “On compulsory state pension insurance”.


“It does not concern prosecutors, judges or civil servants. The removal of restrictions on the payment of pensions, in the case of adoption of the proposed changes will occur exclusively for the participants of pension programs,” added Reva.


Reva said that 4 million Ukrainians will not see pensions

Of the 16 million employed Ukrainians, about four million are paid “in envelopes”. And this, according to the Minister of social policy may cause a denial of subsidies and even pensions.

Recall that the Ukrainians called the difference in the rating gap between men and women in our country. So, according to statistics, men receive more pay than the beautiful half of the population.

As reported by the portal Know.ia Ukrainians warned that unpaid gas debts may cause the disconnection of services. So, if the family is owed for blaine Paiva of 4 thousand hryvnias, they can cut off the supply of gas.

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that in Kiev to raise tariffs for gas and explained how you will pay the Ukrainians, who have no in the apartment counter.

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