Ukrainians were enslaved abroad: tortured for 12 hours, treated like cattle

Ukrainians are very often succumb to the temptation and «sweet» promises of employers in Israel and go there to work. And there are times when the Ukrainians are coming as a tourist, but in the end — stay to work. Very soon people realize that they don’t get half of what they promised. And «mountains of gold» turned into dust and was only a ploy to delay cheap labor to businesses.

Vitaly and Mariana got married not so long ago, but instead of a honeymoon I went to Israel to work. To find a job they were assisted by local «kablan» — as they call intermediaries. Vitaly promised to work in construction or in transportation, Mariana — cleaners, reports «Today».

Vitaly doesn’t get what he was promised several months and also worked as a janitor.

«What we agreed? He promised us mountains of gold. Work, documents, as all the mediators promise. Then we started to notice that he deceives us, for example, takes people 60 shekels per hour, and pays us 30,» says the man.

Lawyer the mediator helped the spouses submit a request to the status of refugees, and they rented an apartment from the same intermediary for 700 dollars with four people. After 3 months the young people ran away from the kablan Duncan, because he owed them nearly a thousand dollars.

The facilitator, they began to threaten deportation, saying how his lawyer helped them with the request, so he had them deported.

Currently the couple is waiting for a response to the request and work: Vitaly builds pools and Mariana cleans house. But at any moment may come the denial of the request and deported, because in 2017, 6 thousand Ukrainians left without a residence permit in Israel by strengthening the rigor of the laws.

Couple Yana and Andrew were faced with inhuman conditions in Israel.

«We made sandwiches, and for two or three hours we had to make sandwiches of only one thousand pieces. We were working on the process 5 people. One just fills packages such special sleeve with filling, another is constantly just worth it’s wrapping. The Crazy Pace. The more we did it, the more we demanded», — says Yana.

The girl broke down and asked for another shop to work with my husband. Now they work 12 hours from 7 am to 19 PM, but often have to stay late. Andrew bakes cakes and decorates cakes Jan. All day the workers have only 2 break: 15 minutes for Breakfast and 30 minutes for lunch and one day off per week.

Recall that workers are told about the main secrets and gostinstvo work in Germany.

Before, You Know. ua reported that migrant workers in Austria massively flout the laws, so as to survive impossible.

Also, the portal Know. EN wrote that the workers in the Czech Republic found spicy entertainment.


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