Ukrainians with imagination told me of the names of the children: Radan, Mhwa, Master and Man

Law officers have said, what names were most popular last year. It turns out. parents for their newborn Chad regretted imagination, as were those about which few who have not heard. Moreover, adults themselves often came in for service to change their name, and among them were many strange.

About it writes “Today”.

So, the most popular names in 2018 for girls were Maria, Zlata, Milan, Sophia, and for boys Alexander, Artem, Dmitry, Ivan, Maxim. When compared with 2017, the girls parents choose traditional names, and popularity practically nothing has changed. But with respect to boys in the past year, leaders became the name Ivan.

In addition, many of the young people of Kiev have appeared exotic names.

For example, girls were called: Axenia, Ar Jana, Aria, Anfisa, agaian, Alma, Veselin, Venus, Vlastislav, Vesta, Glafira, Greta, Fun, Zlatara, Accounting, Via, iris, Arina Maria, Aphrodite, Flower, Nino, Kvitoslava , Cassandra, Lala, Lola, melody, Kai, Carmen, Ruta, Roxolana, Radan, Teresa, Charlotte, Charlotte, Faina, Aceveda.

Exotic names were chosen and the children, among them: Gabriel, Aristarchus, Gordey, Diodorus, Bazhenov, Bogodar, Darian, Askold, Bruce, Azarias, Darko, Erdogan, Zeus, Zlatozar, Jeremiah, Nikoloz, Marco, Marcel, Mhwa, Leo, Thaddeus, Richard, Simeon Solomon, Oliver, Svarog, Thomas, samoilo, ruvin, Oscar, Farid, Pharaoh, Julius.

As noted in the Metropolitan Department of justice, for 2018 in Kiev 742 34 born baby, of which birth certificate in the hospital received more than 16.5 thousand newborns.

In the civil service reminded parents more responsible approach to the choice of name for a child in the future, there arose the question of its change in the legal order.

Only in 2018 in the capital was registered 1 620 name changes. It is worth noting that in recent years, preimenovana is gaining in popularity.

For example, from Kiev Vitali became Salvador, Master Michael, Sergey – Agate, Victor Man, Taras – Ragnarok, and the inhabitant of Kiev Bogdan became Joy, Marina, Mars, Oksana – And, Victoria – Asnew-Twisted, Alina – Arrow, Elena – Maximiliano.

The name change is made by the district Department of the state registration of acts of civil status at the place of residence. In addition to the statement of intent, you also have the birth certificate of the applicant, marriage or divorce, birth of children, about the change of name of the applicant, father or mother, a photo and receipt of payment of the fee.

As possilility, the Ukrainians have the right to change the name, reaching the age of 16. The number of name changes is unlimited. and it costs only 5 UAH 10 kopeks When vovtoryh renaming – 51 UAH.

We will remind, Ukrainians told what names were the most popular in 2018 in various fields.

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