Ukrzaliznytsia launches additional holiday trains: where and when

Ukrzaliznytsia finally announced routes additional trains for new year holidays. This was reported on the official website of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Today you can buy tickets for 5 trains:

  • Kiev – Nikolaev;
  • Pokrovsk – Kharkiv;
  • Kremenchug – Bakhmach;
  • Kharkov – Zaporozhye;
  • Kiev – Zaporozhye.

Train number 161/162 Kiev — Nikolaev will be sent on December 27 and 29, as well as 3,5,9 and 13 January, and in the opposite direction — 26.28 2,4,8,12 December and January. Train No. 205 Pokrovsk-Kharkiv will depart for the flight there and back 28,29,30 Dec and 2,4,5 Jan.

Also an additional train in the direction Kharkiv – Zaporizhia will operate 25 December and 1 January 8th, and train No. 736 Kiev – Zaporozhye – 22, 25, 29 December and 1, 5 Jan.

The train No. 670, the message ” Kremenchug – Bakhmach will run only one day – January 8.

In Ukrzaliznytsia reported that only on holidays and plan to appoint 30 additional trains.

Earlier it was reported that while the passengers are not verse a stir because of lack of tickets for the new year holidays, the Regional branch of South-West railway “Ukrzaliznytsia” is going to seriously arm themselves.

Management of the carrier purchases of handguns, rifles, and cartridges for 2.6 million UAH including VAT. This was reported on the website Prozorro. Supplier of weapons will become the state-owned scientific-production Association “Fort” MIA of Ukraine.

We will remind, the train of hell before the New Year: Ukrainians were driven to despair, and send a curse Emelyan. This is not in the comfort to Boryspil ride, here the whole story. Only with a sad ending.

As reported Know. EN, pathetically Express in “Borispol” nothing goes without the help of others. Express airport “Borispol” rides in tow.

Know. EN wrote that uz is ticket sales purchases of arms. While you’re standing in the queue in the Arsenal of the carrier soon will be guns and rifles.


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